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“Five years ago we came to the Oakville choir to stay! My daughter’s life has been wonderfully influenced through music and The Oakville Choir. Lucia has learned the importance of teamwork, harmoniously achieving spectacular work with her group under the leadership of professional and committed musicians. Lucia has learned to feel part of a whole, to realize that when the team puts in good effort, unites, and coheres, nothing can stop it. The choir also represents a wonderful way to express emotions. Every time we have the opportunity as a family to enjoy a concert by the Oakville choir, we are overwhelmed by happiness and pride. Personally, I have had the opportunity to work as a volunteer almost from day one. Volunteering has been a highly rewarding experience and has allowed me to give a bit of myself to an incredible organization. Working here is definitely a pleasure and a great privilege. Without a doubt, we love being a part of the Oakville Choir!”

– Lucy, OC parent


The Oakville Choir for Children & Youth (OC) enjoys the support of the community: businesses, government funding agencies, public and private foundations, and individuals. Friends who understand the value of the choral arts and the role that it plays in shaping and developing not only the voices but also the citizens of tomorrow.

We are proud of our choristers who have been part of the OC over the past 25 years, both current members and those who now form a powerful, thriving alumni. However you may not realize that only 60% of our costs are covered by tuition fees.

As a not-for-profit charitable organization, the OC relies on additional sources of funding, which includes donations, sponsorships and grants from government and non-government bodies, that have enabled the OC to grow steadily from its foundation in 1994 to the amazing organization it is today.