Raise Her Voice @ Podium
Day 3, Sunday, July 1
By Caroline Thomas

Today was Float.

Rehearsals and then the live show. The 2 shows were sold out. The 500 audience for each show were escorted silently through the farm. The whimsical decorations swept you into a blue world of water and chaos but still managed to be a contemplative experience.

The Newman Sound Men’s Choir stood in the wooded mossy area. The Choeur De Chambre Du Quebec performed in a house that had been swept away by a flood. A native young choir, Ullugiagatsuk, was accompanied by a string trio. These were only 3 of the 5 groups that I saw.

But, our girls were the stars of the show, if I do say so myself.
They literally grew out of this garden and so it began. The sun came out, the weather warmed up (thank you for sending good thoughts) and the girls were spectacular! They looked like daughters of Mother Nature. And I caught one of our choristers smiling. See pic of the day.

The finale was a collaboration of all the choirs into a swirling enveloping song where the audience was encased by all the singers. We did our part too, chiming in with our Float App. Truly a unique experience.

Now off to Podium by the Sea tomorrow.