Raise Her Voice @ Podium
Day 2, Saturday, June 30
By Caroline Thomas

Today was another jam-packed day. We went to a local church for Float dress rehearsal.
(see Float at http://www.choralcanada.org/activities-projects/float/)

We had a leisurely lunch on Water Street and walked along the harbourfont. And when do teenaged girls not want to go shopping? Never. Some purchases were made, but I will let them do their reveals when they get home.
I am however, impressed by their sense of value for money. You have taught them well!

Did you know that Dr. Morrison and Dr. Pauls are rock stars here? They spoke at an Interest Session where I learned a lot about physiological developments and their impact on voice as girls age. Did you know your larynx continues to grow over adolescence? We had the session attendees guess the age of some of the girls in the group. It was so innovative to showcase these concepts.

Then off to the fields of Mt.Scio, venue for Float. If you haven’t checked out this event, please do so. It is very experiential like no other choral session. Our girls are singing a field of Queen Anne’s lace!
Honestly I cannot do this justice so please see the pics.
I wish I could teleport you here for the experience.