If you are between the ages of 4 – 24 and are looking to Find Your Voice – join us!

Our ensembles are structured to offer a place for everyone to grow both musically and personally, in order to help young singers develop leadership and communication skills, and empathy towards others.


Singers entering Grade 2 and above are invited to schedule a vocal placement with our artistic staff to determine which ensemble is the best fit.

Musical skill level, ability to listen, willingness to learn, and the singer’s age are all taken into consideration. 

A vocal placement fee of $20 is charged with the appointment booking.

Singers entering JK, SK, or Grade 1 in September 2023 are not required to schedule a vocal placement.

Please email to request the registration information for our Little Voices program.

What to Expect in the Vocal Placement

The objective of a vocal placement is for our artistic staff to determine where a prospective singer best fits in our community. During this meeting we will be checking the singer’s vocal range, getting to know the tone or character of the voice, and checking basic aural skills (pitch matching/accuracy, aural memory etc.).

BUT – most of all, we are looking for young people who love to sing, who are willing to grow, and who are interested in finding their voice!

Vocal placements are about 15 minutes in length and provide a chance for you to meet our conductors and ask any questions you might have about our programs. You will be told at the end of the placement which ensemble is the best fit for you.

What to Prepare

A favourite song of your choice, something you can sing well and with confidence! O Canada, Happy Birthday, a favourite show-tune or any song you want to share.

What to Expect After the Vocal Placement

Following a vocal placement, you will be sent the registration information by email along with instructions to login and complete your registration through our online platform, Choir Genius.

If you have any questions, email


Tuition pays for your singer’s participation in the Oakville Choir’s ensemble.

Click  HERE  for detailed tuition information.

The Oakville Choir aims to make music education accessible to all. It strives to be representative of the makeup of our community within the choirs. We aim to be inclusive in our membership and welcome members of all socioeconomic groups in the region of Halton. Our goal is that no child who loves to sing be turned away.

Financial aid is provided through the form of a bursary to offset the cost of tuition. The Oakville Choir provides financial aid to families that would be otherwise unable to afford the tuition fees. Bursaries are awarded based on financial need. Applicants will need to provide proof of income and assets in order to qualify for a bursary. For more information, please contact us.


Which program is ideal for my child?

For females, we offer Little Voices for ages 4 to 6, RHV Cherub for ages 7 to 9, RHV Junior for ages 10 to 12, and RHV for ages 13 to 19. Additionally, for females, we offer RHV Chamber for ages 13 to 19, which is available through audition only. For males, we offer Little Voices for ages 4 to 6, A Few Good Men in Training for ages 7 to 8, and A Few Good Men for ages 9 to 19.

What if my child’s birthday occurs after registration?

Our programs align with school grades. Therefore, the relevant program for your child is based on their age on December 31 of the year when they are registered. For example, a 6 year old girl that is turning 7 in October should register for Cherub, as opposed to Little Voices.

When are your full year and mid-year seasons?

Our full year season runs from September to May. Our mid-year season runs from January to May. Our season is aligned with our concerts and provides the appropriate number of rehearsals for our choristers to be prepared for our concerts.

When do you perform concerts?

We typically perform concerts in December and May each year. Additionally, our choirs may perform at various choir festivals, competitions, smaller events, and ad hoc gigs throughout the season.

When can I register my child?

Our full year programs run from September to the end of May every year. Registrations for our full year programs occur in the summer (typically starting in June and through the end of August). We permit registrations for our full year programs throughout September and until mid-October. However, we discourage late registrations, since we may have limited availability and rehearsals commence in September. After mid-October, we no longer take registrations for our full year programs. If you miss the deadline for full year registrations, we encourage registering in our mid-year programs.

Our mid-year programs run from January to the end of May every year. Registrations for our mid-year programs occur in December to January. After January, we no longer take registrations for our mid-year programs. If you miss our deadline for mid-year registrations, we encourage waiting to register for our next season.

Do you offer an early bird discount?

Yes, we offer an early bird discount for those that register for the upcoming season before June 30. The discount applies only to tuition and not other fees like the volunteer buyout and uniform rental & deposit.

What are the mechanics of quarterly payments?

The Oakville Choir offers quarterly payments for the regular tuition fee. Quarterly payments are four equal amounts charged starting at time of registration through the end of the season (e.g., registration on July 1 will result in payments on July 1, October 1, January 1, and April 1). Quarterly payments do not apply to other fees like the volunteer buyout and uniform rental & deposit.

Do you currently have availability?

We have availability for all our choirs at the moment.

“I have been at choir for 5 years and I think the choir is a great place to go if you love singing and you love to meet new people. I also think that the teachers are extremely nice and always support you. Choir means to me is like a family and it’s so fun to sing and I don’t need to be scared because they’re not going to say it’s bad because they are supportive like a family!! That is why I love to be part of The Oakville Choir.”

 – Lucia, age 9, chorister