How to Join


When to Register

Full Year Programs

Our full year programs run from September to the end of May every year. Registrations for our full year programs occur in the summer (typically starting in June and through the end of August). We permit registrations for our full year programs throughout September and until mid-October. However, we discourage late registrations, since we may have limited availability and rehearsals commence in September. After mid-October, we no longer take registrations for our full year programs. If you miss the deadline for full year registrations, we encourage registering in our mid-year programs.

Mid-Year Programs

Our mid-year programs run from January to the end of May every year. Registrations for our mid-year programs occur in December to January. After January, we no longer take registrations for our mid-year programs. If you miss our deadline for mid-year registrations, we encourage waiting to register for our next season.

How to Register

To register your child, please:

1) Visit our online store at Oakvillechoir.choirgenius.com

2) Click “Go to Store” and purchase the relevant membership for your child. Feel free to ask us if you are unsure which choir is right for your child

3) Fill in the registration information for yourself and your child

Call for information about joining the OC


Choirs That Do Not Require Auditions

We do not require auditions to join the majority of our choirs. Specifically, auditions are not required for Little Voices, Raise Her Voice Cherub, Raise Her Voice Junior, A Few Good Men in Training, and A Few Good Men choirs. 

Choirs That Require Auditions

Auditions are required for our Raise Her Voice and Raise Her Voice Chamber choirs due to the complexity of the repertoire that these choirs perform. However, do not feel intimidated about auditioning! We are an inclusive and welcoming organization. We encourage anyone that is interested in choral singing and developing their vocal skills to reach out to us. We provide a positive and encouraging atmosphere for auditions. It is our job to teach, engage and inspire choristers.