Vocal Assessment

A vocal assessment is required for all prospective choristers. The purpose of the process is to gauge the child’s readiness and ability level to ensure they are placed in the appropriate choir. The vocal assessment process is a positive experience for each child so that he or she gains self-confidence and interest in singing with the Oakville Choir.

During the vocal assessment, your child will sing a variety of age appropriate vocal and rhythmic exercises. The conductor will also take time to chat with you and your child about the Oakville Choir programs. Vocal assessments are open to all children and youth ages 4 to 18. All are welcome!

There is a non-refundable fee of $15 for the vocal assessment.

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Once vocal assessment has been completed, an official acceptance letter (hard copy) will be provided as a pre-requisite for the registration process which is completed online. Payment options are through credit card or by cheque sent to the Oakville Choir. Tuition must be paid within 48 hours after online registration has been completed. For financial assistance, we offer bursary programs to qualified applicants.

For returning choristers, an updated vocal assessment is also required except for those in the following programs: Little Voices, Raise Her Voice Cherub or AFGM In Training.

Upon registration, families of returning choristers are encouraged to use the same email login and password from the last season to save time in populating information. Please note, forgotten passwords can be retrieved during the log-in process, as long as the right email address is provided


The Oakville Choir aims to make music education accessible to all. It strives to be representative of the makeup of our community within the choirs. We aim to be inclusive in our membership and welcome members of all socioeconomic groups in the region of Halton. Our goal is that no child who loves to sing and has talent be turned away.