The Oakville Choir for Children & Youth is an inclusive and welcoming organization that offers music education and leadership training to young people from 4-24. We provide a fun, safe and educational space for children and youth to receive exceptional music education and develop outstanding leadership skills that foster community, connection, and confidence – both in and outside of the classroom.

Our Programs

“Our community groups are an integral part of Oakville’s rich tapestry,” said Mayor Rob Burton. “The Oakville Choir for Children & Youth have been enriching our lives with their talent for nearly 25 years. This OTF grant helps the Oakville Choir continue to contribute to our community’s livability while shaping our youth and helping them find their voice through music education and leadership training.”
Mayor Rob Burton

“The magnificent young singers of the Oakville Choir for Children & Youth have been an integral part of the Oakville art scene for the past 25 years, bringing countless hours of enjoyment to local audiences.
Known around the world, these choristers are renowned for their exquisite voices, devotion to music and strong leadership skills.
We are deeply proud of all the talented young members of this choir and wish them continued success as they continue to delight audiences with their clear, melodious voices and enchanting music.”

Stephen Crawford, MPP Oakville