The Oakville Choir for Children & Youth is an inclusive and welcoming organization that offers music education and leadership training to young people from 4-24. We provide a fun, safe and educational space for children and youth to receive exceptional music education and develop outstanding leadership skills that foster community, connection, and confidence – both in and outside of the classroom.

Our Programs

“I am so proud of our Oakville Choir for Children & Youth, who performed at the World Choir Games and brought home two gold standings. They are evidence of the fact that Oakville creates champions. Let’s do what our community does best – support our choir by attending their concerts.”
Mayor Rob Burton

“The achievements of Oakville Choir for Children & Youth continue to be a shining example of music excellence amongst the youth of our community.This award-winning choir is recognized worldwide for their consistently inspiring performances and on behalf of The Government of Ontario, I wish them every success as they represent Oakville internationally.”
Kevin Flynn, MPP Oakville